I/O Systems - SD Series I/OAD11

The AD11 Analog Drive module processes up to 16 mixed-type field signals. The module provides 4x Analog Input, 4x Analog Output, 4x Digital Input, and 4x Digital Output signals.

FC 221 (I/O Device Definition) sets I/O module operating parameters and each input channel is configured using FC 222 (Analog Input CH), FC 223 (Analog Output CH), FC 224 (Digital Input CH), and FC 225 (Digital Out CH) to set individual I/O channel parameters such as engineering units, High/Low alarm limits, debounce period, SOE settings, default output setting in event of loss of communication with a controller, etc.

The Analog Input and Output channels support HART and are 1x8 group isolated. Secondary HART variables are available to be configured as part of the control strategy.

The Digital Inputs of the AD11 module support SOE (Sequence of Events)and are individually CH-2-CH isolated. The Digital Outputs of the AD11 module are transistor type, 24-48 VDC outputs capable of handling 250 mA and also are individually CH-2-CH isolated.

Features and benefits

  • 16 mixed type field signal channels including:
  • 4x AI: 4 to 20 mADC or 1 to +5 VDC
  • 4x AO: 4 to 20 mA or 1 to +5 VDC
  • 4x DI: 24/48/110/125 VDC, or 100/120 VAC
  • 4x DO: 24/48 VDC max 250 mA
  • Up to 20 HART v5.4 secondary variables Total, max 4 sec vars per Analog I/O CH
  • 1 msec SOE timestamp reolution for 24 and 48 VDC DI