Communications - SPC Communication interfacesPNI800K01

PNI800 provides real-time communications between SD Series Controllers and PC workstations running S+ Engineering, HMI (SPO or 800xA Operations) or general purpose interface software (e.g. Harmony OPC Server).

PNI800 Plant Network Interface provides bi-directional, real-time communications between SPE (engineering), HMI or SCADA software applications running on PC workstations and SD Series controllers connected to the PN800 real-time control network.

PN800 Plant Network supports IEC 62439 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP). PRP provides optimum control network reliability and performance by eliminating single points of failure and supporting zero switch-over time in the event of a failed network component.

Features and benefits

  • PN800 Plant Network redundancy is based on PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol of IEC 62439. In accordance with IEC 62439, the redundant PN800 control network is comprised of 2x LANs (Local Area Networks), PN800A and PN800B that have identical topologies.
  • In terms of IEC62439, PNI800 is a DANP (Dual Attached Node implemePRP) as it connects to both PN800A and PN800B. Thus, the PNI800 provides a line redundant connection to the PN800 control network.
  • PNI800 functionality has been virtualized and is available as "VPNI" optional software for SPE engineering, SPO & 800xA Operations HMI software and general purpose interface software such as Harmony OPC server. Performance and capacity may vary between PNI800 and VPNI software.