I/O Systems - SDe Series I/OAI12e

The AI12e Analog Input module processes up to sixteen (16) high level analog input field signals. Each channel is independently configurable for any of the supported high level signal ranges.

FC 221 (I/O Device Definition) sets AI module operating parameters and each input channel is configured using FC 222 (Analog Input CH) to set indivdual input channel parameters such as engineering units, High/Low alarm limits, etc.

The analog input channels are 1 x 16 group isolated and support HART.

Features and benefits

  • Sixteen (16) high level Analog Input signal channels including:
  • 4 to 20 mADC, 0 to 1 VDC, 0 to 5 VDC, 1 to 5 VDC, -10 to +10 VDC, 0 to +10 VDC
  • Up to 64 HART v5.4 secondary variables Total, max 4 secondary variables per analog I/O CH
  • Secondary HART variable update 2.5 typical, 8 max seconds
  • ±0.1 % of Full Scale Range accuracy
  • In HN800 operating mode, AI12e supports optional module redundancy