I/O MTUs - SDe Series I/OEMB01S-SOE

The EMB01S-SOE Evolution Module Base provides the mounting of a DI06e to an EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis. The base connects the DI06e I/O module to NKSD01-xx or NKTST01-xx I/O cables that are connected to NTDI01 or NTST01 field termination units for SOE applications.

The DI06e module and EMB01S-SOE base support timestamping of SOE events. However, the DI06e module does not support the IRIG-B time synchronization signal (a feature of SET01 with NTST01 TU). Time sync signal must be incorporated directly into the SPCxxx controller module via the Ethernet port labeled EN2A on the controller faceplate.

Features and benefits

  • Mounts DI06e module to EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis
  • Connects I/O module to redundant HN800 I/O bus
  • Connects I/O module to NTDI0x TU via NKSD01 cable
  • Connects I/O module to NTST01 TU via NKTST01 cable