I/O MTUs - SDe Series I/OEMB910e

The EMB910e Evolution Mounting Base provides mounting for a single SPC810e controller module to an EMC-_B0_ Evolution Mounting Chassis. Redundant controllers require two (2) EMB910e bases mounted in adjacent slots within the EMC.

The base connects the controller to the HN800 I/O bus of Symphony Plus. The base also connects the controller module to the PBA81x Process Bus Adapter which connects the controller to PN800 Plant Network and CW800 Peer-To-Peer bus.

Features and benefits

  • Within an EMC-_B0_ Evolution Mounting Chassis, the EMB910e mounting base enables SPC810e controller to be connected to:
  • SD and SDe Series I/O modules
  • PDP800 PROFIBUS DP Master modules
  • SCI200 Multi-Protocol Ethernet Interface modules
  • CI850 Electrical Integration interface modules
  • HN800 Fiber Optic repeater modules