I/O MTUs - SDe Series I/OEMC-DB01

The EMC-DB01 Evolution Mounting Chassis, Divisible Bus, REAR mounting rail provides mounting space for up to twelve (12) evolution modules within the same space as an MMU. The EMC chassis replaces MMU11 or MMU21 Module Mounting Units. The chassis has been designed so that I/O cables originally attached to the MMU can be attached in the exact same location once the EMC has replaced the MMU.

The chassis supports all of the functions of the SDe Series modules.This includes redundant HN800 I/O bus, optional I/O module redundancy and enhanced SOE capability.

The EMC-DB01 chassis allows the HN800 I/O bus to be divided between any slot of the chassis. The EMC-DB01 chassis can support up to four (4) SDe Controllers & I/O modules. DBJ01 Divisible Bus Jumpers must be installed between slots to connect the HN800 I/O bus.

Features and benefits

  • Mounts up to twelve (12) EMB01S-xxx Evolution Module Bases
  • Use EMB01S-XIO to mount AI12e, AO02e, DI06e, or DO01e I/O modules
  • Use EMB01S-UAI to mount AI16e Universal AI modules s
  • Use EMB01S-EMR to mount DO05e EMR DO modules
  • Use EMB01S-CIO to mount AD115e CIO modules
  • Use EMB01S-PIO to mount PI01e Pulse Input modules
  • Use EMB01S-SOE to mount DI06e when replacing SOE Input modules