Power supplies & VotersSS832

The Voting Units SS823 and SS832 have been specifically designed to be employed as control units within a redundant power supply configuration. The output connections from two Power Supply Units are connected to the Voting Unit.

The Voting Unit separates the redundant Power Supply Units, supervises the voltage supplied, and generates supervision signals to be connected to the power consumer.

Green LED’s, mounted on the front panel of the voting unit, provide a visual indication that the correct output voltage is being delivered. Simultaneously with the green LED illuminating, a voltage-free contact closes the path to the corresponding “OK connector”. Voting Unit trip levels are factory preset.

Features and benefits

  • Simple DIN-rail mounting
  • Class I Equipment, (when connected to Protective Earth, (PE))
  • Over-voltage Category III for connection to primary main
    TN network
  • Protective separation of secondary circuit from primary circuit
  • Accepted for SELV and PELV applications
  • The output of the units is protected against over current
    (current limit) and over voltage (OVP)