I/O Systems - SD Series I/OPI01

The PI01 pulse input module processes up to 8 Pulse Input signals. Each channel is individually CH-2-CH isolated and is independently configurable for Totalize, Frequency, Period or Duration mode pulse inputs. FC 221 (I/O Device Definition) sets PI module operating parameters and each input channel is configured using FC 229 (Pulse Input CH) to set indivdual input channel parameters such as pulse input mode, engineering units, High/Low alarm state, etc.

The PI01 module supports pulse counts from 0 to 16,777,215, frequency input range from 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz, and Period or Duration input ranges from 10 µsec to 30 seconds.

Features and benefits

  • 8 individually CH-2-CH isolated Pulse Input channels supporting:
  • Totalize: 0 to 16,777,215
  • Frequency: 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Period or Duration: 10 µsec to 30 seconds