Communications - SPC Communication interfacesSCI200K01

The SCI200 S+ compact Communications Interface module is the general purpose Ethernet interface for SPCxxx controllers.

The SCI200 supports IEC60870-5-104, DNP 3.0 and Ethernet IP protocols and communicates with SPCxxx controllers over the HN800 IO bus.

SCI200K01 is a communication interface kit that includes: 1x SCI200 module + 1x MB605 base.

Features and benefits

    IEC60870-5-104 interface capabilities include:
  • Master or Slave and support for all major data types.
  • As a Master connect up to 16 Slave devices
  • As a Slave connect up to 8 Masters
    DNP 3.0 interface capabilities include:
  • Master (only) support for Level 3+ data objects
  • Send Single, Double and Set-Point commands
  • Supports both direct operate and Select Before Operate control models.
  • Master supports up to 16 DNP outstations and 1500 Total points