I/O MTUs - SD Series I/OVBX01K02

HN800 is the redundant, 4.0 MBps IO bus of the Symphony Plus DCS SD Series system. Electrical HN800 bus is made up of horizontal (row) or vertical (columns) bus segments. Vertical column mount bus segments are comprised of SD Controllers (SPCx00), SD Series I/O and communication moduled mounted between VBX01T (Top) and VBX01B (Bottom) bus eXtenders. The VBX01T Compact Vertical Bus eXtender mounts on the top of the column and provides connections for 24 VDC Module Power and the redundant HN800 IO bus. The VBX01B mounts on the bottom of the column and has a connector for the redundant HN800 IO bus.

VBX01K02 is a Vorizontal bus segment kit that includes: 1x VBX01T (Top) bus extender+ 1x VBX01B (Bottom) bus extender

Features and benefits

  • 24 VDC Module Power connection on VBXB01T (Top) bus connector
  • Redundant HN800 IO bus connectors on both VBX01T and VBX01B Vertical Bus eXtenders
  • Use SPK800-xx cables to connect HN800 IO bus between vertical bus segments (rows)