I/O MTUs - SD Series I/OVBS01-SFP

The VBS01-SFP the IO module mounting base is designed for 16-CH standard sized, Singular (Non-Redundnat) analog input, digital input and digital ouput modules.

The VBS01-SFP base is specifically designed to eliminate the need for 3rd party external marshaling hardware.

Each channel of the VBS01-SFP base is individually fused, has a fuse status LED, field power is configurable (system vs. external power) and can be quickly disconnected from field wiring using FPS (Field Power Selector) plugs.

Features and benefits

  • 16 configurable IO channels where the following is provided for each CH:
  • Field power selection via (EPD-_V, FPH-_V, FPN-_V) FPS plugs. Where LV =< 60V and HV = > 60V.
  • Individual fuse and fuse status LED per CH.
  • Individual CH field power keying (EPD/FPH/FPN & LV/HV) to prevent incorrect field power from being applied.
  • Quick disconnect of field wiring by removing the FPS plug.
  • All SD I/O modules & bases of all types (Singular or Redundant) AND (Compact or Full-size), are 100% fully compatible with each other. Thus, Singular & Redundant, Compact or Full-size I/O modules can be mounted within a single, common HN800 I/O bus.