I/O MTUs - SDe Series I/OEMB01S-EMR

The EMB01S-EMR Evolution Module Base provides the mounting of a DO05e EMR Digital Output module to an EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis. The base connects the I/O module to the HN800 I/O bus and the I/O cable to the field termination.

The base supports all of the functions of the DO05e module. Specifically, this is the ability to handle current loads of up to 3.0 A @ 120 VAC and optional module redundancy.

Features and benefits

  • Mounts DO05e to EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis
  • Connects DO05e to redundant HN800 I/O bus
  • Connects DO05e to NTDI0x TU via NKTU01 cables
  • Connects DO05e to NIDI01 TM via NKTU02 or NKTM01 cables