I/O MTUs - SDe Series I/OEMB01S-UAI

The EMB01S-UAI Evolution Module Base provides the mounting of an AI16e Universal Analog Input module to an EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis. The base connects the I/O module to the HN800 I/O bus and the I/O cable to the field termination.

The base supports all of the functions of the AI16e module. This includes support for all AI signal types (e.g. RTD, TC, mV, mA, and VDC) and optional module redundancy.

Features and benefits

  • Mounts DO05e to EMC-_B0x Evolution Mounting Chassis
  • Connects DO05e to redundant HN800 I/O bus
  • Connects DO05e to NTDI0x TU via NKTU01 cables
  • Connects DO05e to NIDI01 TM via NKTU02 or NKTM01 cables