Power supplies & VotersSD853

The SD85x Power supply units are designed for high efficiency, electronic inrush current limitation, wide operating temperature range, and extraordinarily small size. The lowest power losses and high lifetime expectancy deliver the lowest cost of ownership.

The SD85x series complies for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (IECEx Zone 2, ATEX Zone 2, and Class I Div 2). The SD85x series has a built-in power reserve and can easy breaking fuses due to high overload peak current capability.

Features and benefits

  • DIN-rail mounting, Width 39 mm
  • Efficiency up to 95.2 %
  • 20% Output Power Reserves
  • Easy Fuse Breaking due to High Overload Peak Current
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Minimal Inrush Current Surge
  • Temperature range -25°C and +70°C (derating 6W / °C between 60°C - 70°C)
  • DC-OK Relay Contact
  • Class I Div 2, IECEx Zone 2 and ATEX Zone 2