I/O Systems - SD Series I/ODO05

The DO05 digital output module provides16, CH-2-CH isolated electromechanical relay contact outputs. The electromechanical relay contacts are capable of handling up to 3.0 A. The module executes at 1 msec cycle and has an average response time of 0.5 msec based on when command is received from controller. The DO05 module provides staple jumpers to select between NO or NC contacts.

FC 221 (I/O Device Definition) sets DO module operating parameters and each output channel is configured using FC 225 (Digital Output CH) to set indivdual output channel parameters such as alarm state setting, default state on loss of communication with controller, etc.

Features and benefits

  • 16 CH-2-CH isolated Electromechanical Relay, Form C, SPDT contact ouputs supporting:
  • 3.0 A @ 24 VDC
  • 1.0 A @ 48 VDC
  • 250 mA @ 125 VDC
  • 3.0 A @ 120 VAC
  • Staple jumpers to select NO or NC contact
  • Silver Tin Oxide contacts rated for 100,000 operations
  • Minimum switching load 50 mA @ 10 V
  • Output Status LEDs on module frontplate
  • Galvanic isolation of 1500 V for up to 1 minute