I/O MTUs - SD Series I/OcHBS01-FPH

The cHBS01-FPH mounting base is for Compact analog I/O modules cAI01 and cAO01. The base is designed to accomodate field siegnals that are system powered and the (+) Hot side of power is switched

The base includes a 16-point header that provides a connection to either a pluggable 16-point terminal block for direct connection of field signal wires or to an SPK0x_-yy marshaling cable when field signal wires are landed on 3rd party termination hardware.

Features and benefits

  • Termination for up to eight (8) analog I/O process signals within a horizontal row.
  • All SD I/O modules & bases of all types (Singular or Redundant) AND (Compact or Full-size), are 100% fully compatible with each other. Thus, Singular & Redundant, Compact or Full-size I/O modules can be mounted within a single, common HN800 I/O bus.
  • Optional mechanical keying can be implemented to prevent insertion of the wrong I/O module type.
  • Latching device on the base locks the base into position on DIN-Rail.
  • Industry standard 35-mm DIN rail, Horizontal row mounting.