I/O Systems - SD Series I/OTP01

The TP01 Turbine Protection module is a SIL3 rated turbine protection module that offers a complete set of built-in protection functions for all types of gas, steam and hydro turbines. These functions include: Overspeed Trip, Overspeed Protection, Acceleration Protection, Anti-Surge Protection, Trip Anticipation, Load Drop Anticipation, and three different variations of Power Load Unbalance.

The TP01 module can be configured to interface to all types of speed probes, transducers, switches and trip solenoids. It will detect an overspeed condition and generate a turbine trip output in under 5 milliseconds

Features and benefits

  • The TP01 Turbine Protection module provides:
  • 5 Analog Input channels
  • 2 A/D converters, 16-Bit unipolar resolution
  • 2 Analog Output channels
  • 5 Group isolated 24-48VDC Digital Input channels
  • 2 CH-2-CH isolated, high load, Form A contact Digital Outputs
  • 6 additional Form C contact Digital Ouputs provided by ROM810