I/O Systems - SD Series I/OAS01

The AS01 Auto Synchronizer module provides automatic breaker closure during generator to line synchronization, or during Peer-to-Peer bus synchronization. The AS01 automatically matches voltage, frequency, and phase, and is also capable of detecting a dead bus to initiate safe breaker closure from a live bus to a de-energized bus. In addition to the main synchronization circuit, the AS01 uses an independent built-in synchronization check circuit for maximum safety and reliability.

The AS01 module supports 2 analog “BUS” input channels, 7 digital input channels, and 7 digital output channels. The AS01 uses these I/O channels to implement high precision bus matching algorithms for generator to line or line to line synchronization. The AS01 is part of a distributed modular I/O system.

Features and benefits

  • 2 Bus input channels, each electrically duplicated
  • Rated up to 134 VAC, 40 to 70 Hz
  • 2 A/D converters, 16-Bit unipolar resolution
  • Accuracy is ±0.1 % of Full Scale Range where FSR = 134 VAC
  • 7 Group isolated 24-48VDC Digital Inputs
  • 7 CH-2-CH isolated, high load, Form A contact Digital Outputs
  • Available G3 conformally coated